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TLEC HDA12501 February 2016 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced the HDA125 High-speed Digital Analyzer for its oscilloscopes. The HDA125 digital acquisition system captures 18 channels of digital data at 12.5 GS/s. Adding it to Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes by means of the LBUS interface architecture results in a flexible, high-performance mixed-signal solution. Also announced is the QuickLink probing system, featuring low-cost, high-fidelity probe tips that work with both the HDA125 and Teledyne LeCroy WaveLink probes using the new Dxx30-QL QuickLink adapter.

Keysight N8833A28 January 2016 - Keysight Technologies announced the comprehensive N8833A and N8833B crosstalk analysis application to assist in the diagnosis of crosstalk. The application not only detects and quantifies the presence of crosstalk, but it can determine which aggressors are primarily responsible. Furthermore, the application can go one step further by actually removing the crosstalk from the victim waveform so engineers can visually compare the original waveform with the clean waveform side-by-side.

NI VirtualBench 201622 January 2016 – National Instruments (NI) launched a new, high-performance model of VirtualBench. The software-based VirtualBench all-in-one instrument combines a mixed-signal oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, programmable DC power supply and digital I/O. With 350 MHz of bandwidth, four analog channels and Ethernet connectivity, the new version of VirtualBench offers increased functionality for engineers characterizing and debugging new designs or automated test systems.

Tek SignalCorrect19 January 2016 – Tektronix introduced a new solution to simplify the process of characterizing and de-embedding the effects of cables, fixtures and other interconnects for more accurate and repeatable measurement results. The solution consists of SignalCorrect software and the TSC70902 calibration source and works with Tektronix DPO/MSO70000 real-time oscilloscope.

TLC Wavemaster14 January 2016 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the addition of QPHY-HDMI2 and QPHY-eDP, expanding its automated transmitter test solutions for display standards to include HDMI Version 2.0, and Embedded DisplayPort. Teledyne LeCroy’s QualiPHY automated compliance test solution platform reduces the time, effort, and specialized knowledge needed to perform compliance testing on high-speed serial buses.

Keysight N8821A USB13 January 2016 – Keysight Technologies introduced the industry’s first oscilloscope-based USB 3.1 Gen 2 10 Gbps protocol decode software with real-time triggering and protocol decode performance. The Keysight N8821A USB 3.1 protocol trigger and decode software enables engineers to verify and debug their Gen 2 10 Gbps interfaces.

Pico USB Software11 January 2016 - Pico Technology introduced Release 6.11.7 of the PicoScope software. This version of PicoScope provides significant additional capabilities such as new mathematical waveform processing tools, decoding of popular serial protocols, and improvements to FFT frequency domain plotting. For users with touchscreens, Pico has introduced pinch and zoom support.

TLC VectorLinQ08 January 2016 – Teledyne LeCroy introduced the VectorLinQ vector signal analysis software option for its oscilloscope products. VectorLinQ enables sophisticated visualization and analysis of standard modulation schemes including n-PSK, n-QAM, circular QAM, ASK, and FSK, as well as custom signal types and symbol positions. The VectorLinQ software includes functionality to either demodulate RF signals for analysis, or directly acquire and analyze baseband I and Q signals.

RS RTH 4777204 January 2016 - Rohde & Schwarz launched its first handheld oscilloscope with the functionality and touch and feel of a state‑of‑the‑art lab oscilloscope. The R&S Scope Rider combines five instruments in a compact format, and its rugged design makes it perfect for mobile installation and maintenance work. The instrument features isolated input and communications interfaces. It meets CAT IV standards and can carry out measurements on low‑voltage installation sources up to 600 V.

Keysight N1085A PAM 417 December 2015 – Keysight Technologies introduced a measurement application software designed to help engineers quickly and accurately measure and quantify PAM-4 (pulse amplitude modulation with four amplitude levels) signals. The software is used with the Keysight S-Series, 90000A, V-Series, 90000 X- and Z-Series real-time oscilloscope platforms and the 86100D DCA-X Infiniium sampling oscilloscope.

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