Oscilloscope News

Lab Nation SmartScope12 October 2015 - LabNation launched its open source USB oscilloscope, SmartScope. The development was funded by a Kickstarter campaign commenced in 2014. SmartScope runs on multiple operating systems and platforms such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. The lightweight SmartScope is powered directly from the host’s USB interface and combines the multiple functions of an oscilloscope, logic analyser and a waveform generator in an aluminium case measuring just 110.0 x 64.0 x 24.2 mm.

Tektronix PAM4 Test05 October 2015 - Tektronix announced that its comprehensive set of analysis tools for emerging PAM4 modulation now operates on both DPO70000SX 70 GHz real time and DSA8300 equivalent time oscilloscopes. PAM4 is being adopted in the latest 400 Gigabit Ethernet standard by the IEEE P802.3bs working group for 400G (typically 8 x 50G) electrical and optical interfaces. Compared to traditional NRZ that uses two-level signaling, the four-level scheme used in PAM4 significantly increases signal complexity and places new demands on test equipment for performance and noise sensitivity.

02 October 2015 – Anritsu Corporation and Teledyne LeCroy have signed an agreement providing for Anritsu to become an authorised reseller of Teledyne LeCroy products in the UK and Ireland. Under this agreement Anritsu will provide the local sales and support service for Teledyne LeCroy in UK and Ireland, including customer demonstrations and technical support. The agreement also includes the transfer of Teledyne LeCroy sales staff in UK to Anritsu EMEA Ltd.

Tektronix DPO70000SX 50GHz30 September 2015 - Tektronix announced the expansion of its DPO70000SX Performance Oscilloscope Series to include 50 GHz and 23 GHz models. By extending the flagship 70 GHz model, the new 50 GHz product is ideal for engineers and researchers who want to take advantage of the superior low-noise performance of the patented asynchronous time interleaving (ATI) architecture for technologies such as 28 GBaud PAM4 and Kband frequency testing.

Tektronix DPO7000029 September 2015 – Tektronix implemented the SignalVu software on its family of DPO70000SX ATI Performance Oscilloscopes. This will allow researchers and others engaged in developing next generation wide- and ultra-wide bandwidth technologies such as 5G, cellular backhaul and radar to perform RF modulation measurements with unprecedented margins of error.

TLC OMA Labmaster10Zi28 September 2015 — Teledyne LeCroy introduced the IQS series of Coherent Optical Receivers, featuring the industry’s highest bandwidth. When combined with Teledyne LeCroy’s LabMaster 10Zi-A oscilloscopes and integrated Optical-LinQ analysis software, the IQS receivers test DP-QPSK and DP-16QAM optical signals at speeds up to 130 GBaud.

Keysight APIX203 September 2015 – Keysight Technologies announced a new compliance application for characterizing and testing of APIX2 (Automotive Pixel Link) high-speed SerDes (serialiser/deserialiser) technology using the Keysight Infiniium Series oscilloscopes. Developed by Inova Semiconductors, APIX2 is a multi-channel technology for high-resolution in-car video applications. APIX2 can establish multiple display links with a bandwidth of up to 3Gbps, over two pairs of copper cables or a single QSTP cable, and supports HD video at 24 bit color depth.

Siglent SDS1000X31 August 2015 – SIGLENT Technologies launched the X-Series products including the SDS1000X Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes, the SDG2000X Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators and High-Precision SPD3303X Programmable Linear DC Power Supply. All X-Series products support LAN interfacing for use in remote-controlled measurement systems. X-Series products adopt SIGLENT’s newly developed architecture platform which makes for a more versatile and powerful operating experience. The SDS1000X Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes is based on Siglent's new SPO technology.

Hantek Pen Oscilloscope10 August 2015 - Qingdao Hantek launched the new USB pen storage oscilloscope series PSO2020. The pen storage oscilloscope has a maximum safe voltage of 500V and it can measure voltages in the range of ±50V and features a 20MHz bandwidth. It includes a DVM with 3 bit resolution and a frequency counter function with 5 bit resolution. The measurement of DVM and frequency counter is irrelevant to the trigger system.

Teledyne WaveRunner 6Zi05 August 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the addition of UNIPRObus D, a MIPI UniPro Protocol Decode solution, to its oscilloscope-based MIPI capabilities. UNIPRObus D provides customers with easy-to-use debug of their UniPro signals. Similar to existing MIPI MPHY decoding capability, UniPro Decode supports HS GEAR1, GEAR2 and GEAR3, and PWM Mode (G0-G7) signaling for comprehensive data rate coverage.