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Tek CurrentHarmonics15 November 2017 – Tektronix released new options for the 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope including a power analysis solution, Automotive Ethernet testing solution, and serial trigger and decode solutions for the aerospace and automotive markets. These new solutions take full advantage of key 5 Series MSO innovations including up to 8 input channels, 12-bit resolution and its massive high-definition capacitive touch display and highly intuitive Direct Access user interface.

HS EMC02 November 2017 - TiePie engineering introduced the Handyscope HS6 DIFF - 1000XMESG EMI analyzer. The Handyscope EMI analyzer gives the user the possibility to quickly perform a EMI compliance test. With this cost effective test, time and money are saved by avoiding extra visits to expensive EMC testing facilities. The supplied EMI probe set TP-EMI-HS6 contains three magnetic field (H field) probes and one electric field (E field) probe. The tripod ensures that the probes can be positioned properly at the object under test.

Yokogawa CXPI26 October 2017 - Yokogawa adds CXPI automotive serial bus analysis to the range of options available on the company’s DLM2000 and DLM4000 Series mixed signal oscilloscopes. CXPI (Clock Extension Peripheral Interface) is a new automotive serial bus interface that is designed to provide an optimised solution in applications previously served by the established CAN and LIN bus systems, which until now have been the main interfaces used for in-vehicle communications.

CA DO2025B16 October 2017 - Chauvin Arnoux launched new 2-channel benchtop oscilloscopes. The simple-to-use METRIX DOX 2000B oscilloscopes offer numerous acquisition and analysis functions, as well as multiple communication interfaces. Designed for use in the lab, the DOX 2000B models nevertheless remain compact, transportable and simple to use.

Anritsu TLC PCIe11 October 2017 - Anritsu Company U.S. and Teledyne LeCroy announced a partnership to provide the industry’s most capable PCI Express 4.0 (PCIe Gen4) test solution, integrating the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) MP1900A BERT with the LabMaster 10Zi-A oscilloscope and QPHY-PCIe4-Tx-Rx software from Teledyne LeCroy. This comprehensive system provides high-speed IC, device, and network engineers with one complete solution to conduct automated transmitter and receiver compliance tests, as well as link equalization verification.

CA MH6004 October 2017 - CHAUVIN ARNOUX introduced an isolated AC+DC current probe which works with all oscilloscopes. It features a bandwidth of 1 MHz, multiple filters, 8-hour battery life, etc. The MH60 sensor is designed for use with an oscilloscope in total simplicity. Simply clamp the cable and measure. It can be used for wide-band current measurements up to 100 A (AC+DC).

IkaScope WS20028 September 2017 - The IkaScope WS200 is a pen-shaped battery-powered wireless oscilloscope that streams captured signals to almost any WiFi-connected screen. The IkaScope WS200 offers a 30MHz bandwidth with its 200MSa/s sampling rate and the maximum input is +/-40Vpp. It provides galvanically-isolated measurements even when a USB connection is charging the internal battery.

Oscium iMSO 204x20 September 2017 - Oscium announced the iMSO-204x, a mixed signal oscilloscope with universal platform support (iOS, Android, PC, Mac). Oscium's oscilloscopes have traditionally worked with iOS only but with this new product Oscium added Android, PC and Mac. iMSO-204x features 2 analog and 4 digital channels with 50 MSPS sample rate.

Tek DPO7OE118 September 2017 – Tektronix introduced the new DPO7OE1, a calibrated optical probe and analysis software for use with real-time oscilloscopes. It is optical reference receiver (ORR) compliant for 28-GBaud PAM4 applications and supports IEEE/OIF-CEI standard specific measurements. This new solution complements Tektronix’ optical PAM4 analysis tools for sampling oscilloscopes, giving design teams efficient test solutions for all stages of the optical transmitter workflow.

Rigol DS2000E15 September 2017 – RIGOL Technologies introduced its new DS2000E Series Oscilloscope, a 200MHz, 2 channel scope which is available at either 100MHz or 200MHz bandwidths. All models provide 2 analog channels with 50 Ohm input impedance standard. The instruments feature a real-time sample rate of 1GS/Sec (on both channels), memory depth of up to 28Mpts standard, and waveform capture rate up to 50,000 wfms/sec.

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