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I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) - a serial two-wire bus used for low speed communication between peripherals and controller and in embedded systems.


Short range digital communications bus originally invented in the late 1960s by Hewlett-Packard for automatic test equipment. Also known as HP-IB, GP-IB and GPIB.


Opposition to a AC current when a voltage is applied. Equivalent of resistance in DC circuits.

input impedance

Shunt resistance and capacitance measured at the input terminals.


Two or more channels are combined and used alternately to achieve higher sampling rates.


JEDEC Solid State Technology Association - develops open standards and publications for the microelectronics industry. See www.jedec.org/


Kilobit per second = specifies a date rate i.e. 1,000 bits transfered per second.


1,000 Hz. Unit of frequency.

Synonyms: Kilohertz

1,000 Hz. Unit of frequency.

Synonyms: kHz

Deviation of a response from a straight line.


LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation = instrument control standard based on LAN (local area network) and Ethernet technologies. Specified by the LXI Consortium. More information see http://www.lxistandard.org/


MIPI Physical Layer Specification - this is the second specification developed by MIPI primarily to support a much broader range of applications, including interfaces for display, camera, audio, video, memory, power management and communication between Baseband to RFIC. More information see www.mipi.org.


Switching device that connects mulitple inputs/outputs to mulitple inputs/outputs.


Megabit per second = specifies a date rate i.e. 1,000,000 bits transfered per second.


1,000,000 Hz. Unit of frequency.

Synonyms: MHz
memory depth

Normaly specified in MS (megasamples) per channel. This value indicates how many measurement values of the analog-digital converters (ADC) can be stored per channel. The total acquisition time for a given signal is depending on the sample rate and the memory depth per channel. This is especially important for non repetitive signals.

Synonyms: acquisition memory

1,000,000 Hz. Unit of frequency.

Synonyms: Megahertz

0.001 Hz. Unit of frequency.

Synonyms: Millihertz

0.001 Hz. Unit of frequency.

Synonyms: mHz

Mobile Industry Processor Interface - open membership organization that develops interface specifications for the mobile ecosystem founded in 2003. More information see www.mipi.org.